Suddenly Dirty

by J A Low


I have never enjoyed getting dirty more than I did with this passionate sexy read.
The past has a habit of catching up with you when you least expect it and never a truer word has been spoken because when Sienna take a leap of faith and heads off to undertake a new roll following the devastation of her marriage falling apart had left her screaming for a change of scene…the last person she would have ever expected to see was Evan Wyld.
Dirty Texas are one of the biggest bands in the world at the moment and Evan just happens to be front and centre in the band, living the Rockstar life and revelling in it! That is until he lays eye on the new stylist, none other than the beautiful Sienna. From the minute he sees her he knows she is off limits, but she has plagued not only his dreams for years, so keeping his hands to himself is not going to be easy.
Can the pair of them move past, their pasts? Will they be able to fight the attraction and keep their interaction purely platonic or is that just wishful thinking?
The expectations that they each have not only for each other but for themselves made me smile, I couldn’t help but think how deluded they were, there wasn’t a hope that she would ever be able to move past him and him letting her go again, just ain’t happening! But could he be the man that she needed and would she want the tamer version of this bad boy rocker?
As you would expect the path to their happy was never going to be easy and there are more than enough mishaps and misunderstandings to sink even the strongest of relationships, so were they willing to try?
I loved the fact that the author was able almost illuminate the desire that was drowning them, they set the page alight and left me positively gasping at the intensity of how they felt about each other.
The cast of secondary characters was both extensive and tantalising. The author was able to give just enough detail to pique my interest in just what she may have in store for the rest of the band in future …I can’t wait!

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