A Flaw So Beautiful

by Alora Kate

As a first read from an author that was new to me I have to say that I found this an interesting mix.

I found the pace a little pitched in places, it seemed to pitch and troughs almost and at times I found myself growing a little impatient with the characters but by the end of the book I had worked out not only the author writing style but also why she had delivered not only the story but character sin that manner and I will admit that it worked, she brought me full circle and in the process ensured that my story was both complete and enjoyable.

Lincoln was such a fabulous character I really liked him, ladies be prepared to sigh, he took my breath away and in the process I think I lost a little piece of my heart to this beautiful man.

Ashton, well I got the feeling that she seemed to emotionally beat herself up a lot more than I liked but when her story, her past in revealed I sort of understood, I still didn’t like it but I got where her insecurities were coming from.

You will need patience with this pair, but like their story you will find that patience is the key, it is the way they find a path to their own “more” their own happiness. If I had to sum it up it was a very sweet, emotionally naive read that will appeal to the true romantics amongst us.

Topic: A Flaw So Beautiful by Alora Kate

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