Strike by Heather C Leigh

This author just about hit the nail on the head with this book – she pitched the perfect shot, got the characters bang to rights and left me on the right side of giddy – great work!

While the first book in the series was Adam’s story, we were of course originally introduced to Dax too.

This time Dax is up and honestly if I tried to explain all the little foibles that he has that make him such a great leading man you would be settling in for the night – he is far from straight forward.

He is a glorious specimen of a man but he is far from perfect in fact he would drive a saint to drink – he is pig headed and obstinate, I mean he really takes the biscuit for digging his heals in. But then again he has spent much of his life living a life he didn’t want.

From a young age he has lived the life his father desired, the path that he set forward for Dax and one on which Dax was a mere passenger but one on which his father could relish. He never looked to be what his father had determined but it took time an determination for him to eventually find a way to be the man that he wanted to be and I have to say that one thing that Dax definitely has going for him is determination – he is so damn stubborn!

Dax and women have a one way relationship – his way! He is alpha to his core and he revels in his control. But when he meets Kate the woman that has lusted after him for so long but of whom he has been unaware, he is rocked by the fact that she refuses to accept his demands, she will not allow Dax or any other man to dictate her or any aspect of her life to her and I have to say that I loved the dynamic of the two of them together.

She may have known literally from the minute she saw him that there was something about him that drew her in but he didn’t even know she was on the planet but I give her 10 out of 10 for endurance because she played a waiting game and worshipped him from afar, not knowing what her adoration would amount to really but when they eventually met- properly this time there was no denying the attraction between the two of them

Together they are just downright glorious, they are just so volatile, they fight, make up and adore each other and all in equal measure. And they made me smile together but I have to admit that I actually developed a bit of a soft spot for Dax on his own.

The ending is fantastic and probably my favourite part of the book – no, not because it was the end because I could have read about the two of them all night but because it was what I wanted for them both.

While this is a standalone novel – it does n include other characters from book one, so if you haven’t read the first book, it might be worth you doing so.

All in all a great read.