Nothing Without You

by Monica Murphy

The author put a lot into this little novella, I am just not sure that it was quite enough for me…greedy I know but I would have liked a little more.
I liked Maisey, she was down to earth, a woman who was happy in her own skin for the most part. She had, had her time with Tucker when they were teenagers and even now almost 15 years later, she still found the fact that he dropped her like a stone when they were just 18 impossible to forgive…for now! But changing up how she feels isn’t easy, so letting Tucker back into her life is going to take a lot of work on both their sides, I just wasn’t sure that either of them had it in them to see it through to the very end.
Tucker initially came across as a bit of an a**, a professional sports star, who was used to having everything he wants but in order to get that he gave up the one thing he now knows he can’t be without…Maisey. His career has always been the most important thing to him, so this shift in focus threw him off centre for a while.
There was a lot going on in the story and at times it all seemed to descend a little too fast, there was barely time to take stock but one thing I will say is …darn that man was a drama queen of the very highest order!

Topic: Nothing Without You by Monica Murphy

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