Banking on the Billionaire by Max Monroe

Ok, so if you are reading this then I am going to assume that you have read the previous books, Tapping the Billionaire and Tapping Her because if you haven’t then you really need to get with the programme and rectify that immediately because this is going to be like learning Cantonese if you don’t!

We met Thatch in the earlier books and we also got a handle on Cassie and while they might have started to get their thing going in those books, it never really found its flow because while Thatch was smitten there always seemed to be something getting in their way.

But they were on this earth to keep each other on their toes, I truly believe that they were designed to be the perfect match for each other, they shared the same warped…and yes I do mean completely warped sense of humour and a proclivity for practical jokes that knew no limits.

But what were they hiding behind their humour?

Nothing really, they were normal and that made them all the more lovable, they were just like us, the average Joe, they came from solid families, had been through the sort of growing angst and issues that we all experience but they were full to the brim with a zest for life that was absolutely infectious.

I loved the two of them and the fact that in their own unique way they made their romance stand out. Their time together didn’t follow a pattern, they didn’t fit a mould, they were tailor made for each other and I smiled with them through every paragraph.

The book had an element of sensitivity that I thought the authors captured perfectly but when it came to the two of them doing the deed, with they left no stone unturned, they had very few limitations but that didn’t mean that the story had to be salacious, the author struck the perfect balance.

Witty and carefully crafted, this will have you laughing out loud but don’t be surprised if you feel a lump forming in your throat too!

Topic: Banking on the Billionaire by Max Monroe

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