COCKY, A Spartan Riders Novel

by J.C. Valentine

The last in the series and what a way to go…Kade aka Moose and Angel aka Mouse were fantastic.

Moose doesn’t suffer fools gladly and sees no need to angst and unwanted drama, a man that having lived through more than his fair share of challenges, was happy living the quiet life…or as quiet as it is ever going to be when you are member of the Spartans that is, because nothing stays the same for long with these guys.

Having earnt his nickname Moose is every but as Cocky as you could possibly imagine but with Angel, he may just have found the one woman that he is prepared to change his ways for, she is the antithesis of the other women that hang around the club and whilst that initially piques his interest it is what happens when she eventually succumbs to his inimitable charm that seals the deal because this quiet unassuming girl is perfect for him in every way …and he knows it!

But of course, nothing is ever easy and the Spartans face a battle with crime boss Contreas to save not only their town but also everything they hold dear and when an unfortunate liaison between Angel’s little sister and the one person that not just Moose but all of the other Spartans would rather see dead, Moose has an unenviable decision to make…his brothers or Angel? Or can he achieve the impossible and have it all?

A fantastic conclusion to the series, if you haven’t picked this up before now…don’t wait it is sensational!


Topic: COCKY, A Spartan Riders Novel by J.C. Valentine

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