Safe at Last

by Maya Banks



Can you get back a dream that has been stripped away from you? Can you survive knowing that the one person you need by your side is the one person you can’t find.

This was the reality for Zack and Anna-Grace.

The aftermath of the destruction of the love they had for each other has been devastating for them both, they have lived with the pain of not knowing either what happened, or why and the confusion of being unable to find a resolution and in Zack’s case being unable to find anything to answer the main question that swilled around in his head, was she still alive?

He tried, he really did but he was never going to be able to find her when all she wanted was to really live her life under the radar, to keep her past at a safe distance and to do her utmost to make sure that nobody ever got the chance to hurt her again. Her past was a frightening thing for her and recollections are never far from her mind but everything that happened had lead not only Grace but Zack to where they are now, facing the prospect of having to deal with what happened between them and the hand that others played in their demise.

The truth was going to be brutal for them both but in different ways.

But could what they had survive the resurrection and retribution of what was to come?

I am a sucker for the trials and tribulations of a love re-found and the battle to regain what you never wanted to lose and I have to say that both Zack and Gracie were fantastic characters.

They made me care, they made me angry not only with each of them but with the whole situation. They made me want to place them both on a chair in a naughty corner until they calmed down, took stock and damn well listened!!

They were both hurt and I got that it was painful for them to accept what had happened to them but there were misunderstandings that until they were cleared up would never see them working their way past it all. She really believed that he had been the one to hurt her and he couldn’t fathom why she would believe that he would do such a thing, it really was a vicious circle.

Maya Banks dealt up a plotline that was far from straight forward, their confusion was justified but the reasoning was anything but clear.

Forces bigger than them both had forced them apart all those years ago and even now when they were effectively forced together they had enemies that were out to threaten them both. Fighting to protect not only Grace but the loved ones of the whole team, Zack has a lot on his plate, the stakes were high.

But when the truth was unfolded and they finally understood what exactly they had been party too, I was a little surprised that the details was so quickly swept aside so to say.

I got that what happened was beyond their control but they had spent years apart, lost time that they could have had together and had harboured unresolved fear and betrayal, all of those are not easy emotions to dismiss, not easy emotions to move on from so quickly, no matter how much time you have to make up for, there is a residual uncertainty that would most definitely have been apparent.

I am not saying that I was not pleased at the outcome, I was. It just wrapped up neatly and I suppose after everything they had been through I hadn’t expected them to have everything tied of with a bow.