Hart of the Storm

By Skye Turner

From the very beginning I knew that this was going to be a story that I would quite simply be enthralled by, but while that might have been obvious, what wasn’t was the depth of emotion that the story was going to draw from me.

I thought that what this author did with these characters was quite simply superb, she sucked me in from the get-go and by the time she spat me out on the last page, I was a shell of the woman I had been when I started.  Amberlee and Jeb’s story was personal, it had meaning and beyond that it resonated, it had an original reality that left me hanging on every word.

The story gave a powerful message of just how important it is to move forward, to keep your eye on your goal and to never allow your past to derail your future and Amberlee and Jeb were the epitome of that.

I liked that Amberlee and Jeb had a previous connection but one that wasn’t detrimental to the story, they had been classmates but now they were both pursuing the same goal, the exact same dream… so just how complicated was their journey going to be? Well, only time would tell?

The story was one that can readily be described as a grower, the author teased and tantalised me by continually showing just how difficult they were finding it to manage their feelings, to face the attraction that was building between them and to keep their head with everything that was going on around them.

I loved the competition element that was included, I hadn’t come across this previously in a story and I also enjoyed the fact that the secondary characters played a pivotal role in the story.

A from the heart full on romance that dishes out all the feels with charm and deference…this was one classy read!

Topic: Hart of the Storm By Skye Turner

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