Sibling Rivalry by TS Irons

What you see is very much what you get with this, I mean there is no hiding what the hell is going on with a cover like that!

Arrogantly I think I had almost switched off when I started the book, confident in the knowledge that I knew what was coming, but I can say will be the last time I start a book with that opinion because this book had a trick or two up its sleeve and that was a very pleasant surprise.

Married to a man old enough to be her father, Cassie honestly believed that Jackson was her knight in shining armour, She loved him or I think that she believed she did, I think she was more in love with the fact that she had a man that could provide and care for her.

Cassie is almost the same age as Jackson’s twin sons and o say they are a handful would be an understatement.

Damon is the epitome of bad boy, he likes nothing better than to push his women’s buttons has absolutely no remorse for doing so. Derek on the other hand is the complete opposite, he is the brains of the operation and a much more emotionally sensitive soul but the two of them are dangerous, because they have family money that affords them the luxury to do exactly what they want but over and above they are drop dead gorgeous.

Cassie may have married their old man but she would have to be sleepwalking her way though each and every day to not notice the smoking hot young guys that are now family.

With Jackson away on business life as they all know it and the whole family dynamic is turned on its head and Cassie is in serious risk of  getting her fingers well and truly burnt because if Jackson ever knew what had happened, she would be ruined, none of the Wade men take kindly to being on the losing side, they fight for what they want and are not above fighting dirty is the situation requires it.

I have to say that the events of that weekend were …oh god I don’t know what words I want – they were immense!

It had everything going on in bucket loads and then it came back for more! It was sexy, loving, jealous, mean and crazy but it was also honest, liberating and enlightening.

If you like you books with a twist or two and a little ménage thrown into the mix – then this is one you really should give a go.