Justice for Boone by Susan Stoker

If I ever find myself in trouble, then I want someone to call Hayden because that woman is like a dog with a bone.

Called to a domestic disturbance she is sure that there is more to the story than initially appears and while the other deputies are ready to slap the cuff on the guy, Hayden isn’t quite so sure and with a quick nose around she soon calls it like she sees it and is able to tell Boone that he has nothing to worry about, well unless you count the complete fruit loop of an ex that just doesn’t seem to understand the word …over!

Boone, is as honest as the day is long but more than that he is sex on a stick! And this sexy cowboy has piqued much more than a professional interest in Hayden, I mean she would have had to be dead not to have noticed the fact that this guy was sinfully hot! But there is more to Boone, he is almost painfully passive and despite the tornado of torment that his ex reeks on him he refuses to do much about it.

I liked the fact that Boone was able to see Hayden for who she was on the inside, for the wonderful woman that she was, not as one of the guys or as a disappointment, I could have kicked her folks for the way they treated her, and all because she wasn’t a boy! WTF

Hayden was sick of being almost overlooked, she wanted the romance, to have a man that worshipped her and in Boone she could have that but they both had to deal with the situation with his ex before they could finally have what they deserved, their own happy ever after.

I thought the author showed the fact that men can be victims of abuse, and while I thought Boone should have put his foot down after the domestic assault debarkle, I sort of understood why he didn’t but that didn’t make it right, but he had to reach the end of his tether and while I would have flipped my lid, when he reached his limit I was whooping in the corner!

I loved the story, the fact that the table appeared to have been switch on the two of them but they were true to form, Boone was every bit as alpha as you would have expected and Hayden well under all that macho uniform was a beautiful woman who just wanted to be swept off her feet.

I’m ready to read the rest of the series now and to meet the other guys!

Topic: Justice for Boone by Susan Stoker

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