A Drop of Paradise

by Alex L. Michaels

An author that is new to me is always a journey that I enjoy, you never know what you are getting, and that anticipation is a bonus, but the story wasn’t perfect, so I would say that you should please bear in mind that perfecting your craft doesn’t always happen straight off the bat.

But I have to say though that as a story I thought this was a great first read and the blemishes that I picked up on didn’t cloud my opinion or enjoyment in any way, this was a story that held my attention and that I quickly whipped through.

Jessica is a writer, at odds with the fact that she just doesn’t seem to be able to overcome their current situation…writers block! Determined to kick start her imagination she took off to a tropical paradise hoping to find inspiration, what she didn’t expect to find was Mike, the dishy boat trip captain who she just happens to get stranded with.

Now every now and then I will admit that I found Jessica a little tough to take, but what I did like was the fact that try as she might to not fall for the charm of this witty guy, she was eventually won over and heir flighty connection when from not too hot in the blink of an eye…and when I say hot, I mean scorching!

Their shenanigans had me chuckling, I found that the back and forth banter was for the most part absolutely engaging, I did feel that there were maybe times when the heat factor was almost a little too much but then again, that is all down to preference, but again it didn’t detract me from the story, so it couldn’t have been that big a deal.

A funny, chaotic holiday romance that delivered a highly entertaining read, stick this on your to be read list and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Topic: A Drop of Paradise (Bookworms & Alphas, #1) by Alex L. Michaels

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