by Emma Chase


I have a dilemma with this book and it is of my own making – Tangled was my book of the year for 2013 – I absolutely adored Drew Evans and his story, the writing style of Emma Chase and the way she fitted perfectly inside the head of the most delightfully, beautifully insane man brought me nothing but pleasure.

So when I heard that there was to be another novel – my heart skipped a beat, I couldn’t wait to hear more from Drew again, I avoided the blurb, stayed away from reviews and the placed my pre-order immediately- nothing to do but wait and the day the book dropped onto the kindle – I opened it with baited breathe –only to discover that it is not Drew voice I would hear but Kate’s – I was gutted.

Not to say that I have anything against Kate but I had my heart set on Drew.

The story is good don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but I set myself up to fail because I missed Drew the whole way through the story!

The epilogue though was superb but that is my bias winning through.

Well onto the book its self now and what it entails because if you like me, liked Tangled you need to read Twisted because it gives you the other side of the relationship. Kate and Drew are no fairy tale couple, they have their issues and have to find their way through the mire that they bring on themselves by the lack of communication between them.

It shakes them to the core and I have to admit that Drew didn’t exactly cover himself in glory with the way he reacted, it was beyond extreme, bordering on down right spiteful.

I doubt I would have been able to find it in me to be in the same room as him again let alone the same bed!

I loved Kate and while I didn’t agree with some of her reactions, I sort of got where she was coming from- most of the time.

Overall, I have no-one to blame but myself for the fact that the book was not what I had anticipated because it was me that created that particular monster but it is still a great read and one that I have now read twice – can’t wait for the next one !!!


Rating 4 out of 5