by Ker Dukey


When it comes to the start of a new series, there are two ways you can play it – or at least I think there are, you can lure the reader in and slowly piece by piece reveal the fruits of your labour or if you’re Ker Dukey you can smack your readers right between the eyes with a story and characters that will knock them on their ass!!

This is Ker Dukey at her indefinable best!

So let’s get on to what the book is about, I’ll start with Melody.

A well healed, beautiful young woman who although only being 19 years old, she has experience pain and heartache. Melody is in college but her life is destined to change and to shortly turn in a direction that she could never have though possible.

Returning home should have been straight forward but then again, this is Ker Dukey we are talking about!

The other main character is Blake and he blew my mind!

He is all kinds of crazy, a product of a childhood that was completely screwed up. He is plagued by some gigantic demons and just beginning to understand the intensity of those demons was emotionally draining.

I really felt for him from the age of 18 he has been irrevocably changed and while he has learnt to accept that, it doesn’t mean that now at the age of 25 living with it gets any easier.

But his life changes completely when he meets Melody.

I could say so much about this book but I think I would be doing you a disservice, this is the start of a series that is destined for greatness.

Empathy, should be read with an open mind, so check any preconceptions in at the front cover and open the book and your heart and mind to the masterful deviancy that only Ker Dukey can guide you through… it is glorious – so enjoy the ride!!!!!