Kill Shot by Lani Lynn Vale



This whole series has been a knockout and when I read that Bennett was next in line to have his story told I couldn’t help but smile because I think he is the one I have been hanging out for.

Life changed for Bennett at the tender age of seventeen because not only did he enlisted into the Navy to join the Seals but he also discovered that he was about to be a father.

He learnt a quick lesson when his baby mamma wanted anything to do with the child after she was born and Bennett adapted to life as a single parent.

His family have supported him in every decision he has ever made, including when he continued in the Navy and then returned home to join the SWAT.

His daughter Reagan is now seven and is an absolute joy and very much the apple of her daddy’s eye. But life is hard, holding together a family home and working full time in the SWAT team, takes all his effort.

But the job has risks and when he ends up in the emergency room, he meets Lennox, a twenty something physician’s assistant who has done everything in her life at break neck speed including getting her qualifications!

But can she slow down enough to give this gorgeous guy a chance at snagging her all to himself?

The pull between them was there from almost the minute they met but they were both working off of nothing more than pure physical need, but when it began to take shape into something so much more, it took the two of them by surprise.

Lennox is not is a good place really, she has been dealing with some unwarranted attention for a while now – it has always been a little more than “normal” stalker behaviour if that is even possible but now it is just plain old nuts!!

I love this series and the fact that the rest of the team are included in the stories – it is great to catch up with them and what is going on in their lives. Payton of course is mentioned throughout this book – she is Bennett’s sister after all but she makes me smile – it was good to get a bit more of her.

Lennox’s interaction with Reagan was brilliant, they were so good together and Bennett being a single father didn’t faze Lennox at all, but they had no idea just how closely connected they were outside of the bedroom until the identity of Lennox’s stalker becomes apparent!

Like the other books before it with this author, she doesn’t shirk her moral fortitude and she not only writes an amazing alpha man but she gives us a fabulously strong woman to admire too.

The book and the series, are littered with more than a smattering of perpetual friendship and love, that once it has a hold, you are never going to be able to let go and Lennox and Bennett are no different.

I am going to be sad to say goodbye to this series after the next book but this author, well she is a keeper!!

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