This Crazy Forbidden Thing

by London Casey


Wow, literary lunacy, this book is nuts, it had my emotion absolutely battered!

From the outset, there was only ever one girl for Slade but they were polar opposites, Olivia the daughter of a police officer and Slade, well let’s just say he is as far from first choice of suitor for a cop’s kids as you could get and her brother is willing to stop at nothing to make sure that any dream they have of being together stays just that…a dream.

He is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them apart and up until Slade rolls back into town following the death of his father, I would have said he had achieved his goal. But back in town, there was only ever one way that this was going to end up, it was just how they were going to get there that had me frantically flipping through the pages.

Slade has been on the road almost the entire time he’s been gone with his brother’s in the Savage Viper’s MC and as for Olivia, well let’s just say that she is stuck in a relationship that she just doesn’t seem to be able to find the strength to walk away from, corralled by a man that she loathes but just happens to be besties with her ass of a brother, Owen!

One look, from the second they set eyes on each other again and their chemistry was set to spark, it was almost incendiary, the flicker of love that had never truly disappeared didn’t take much to rekindle and when it did the result was so much more than either of them had anticipated!

Because it’s not just the two of them anymore and there are more than a few unhappy people in the frame when news of her pregnancy becomes known. But this is something that neither one of them is willing to walk away from, they want their baby and they are going to do whatever they have to do to get their happy ever after. And the obstacles just keep on coming!

They are really but through the wringer but I had absolutely no doubt that they could finally get what they should have had all along before life and interfering family got in the way.

Be prepared for a crazy ride with some characters that you will absolutely adore and some that will have you ready to punch their lights out. Olivia’s brother and her partner Walker were guys that I could have quite willingly beaten with a stick, pompous fools!!!

But Olivia and Slade, well I couldn’t get enough of them…fantastic story!

Topic: This Crazy Forbidden Thing by London Casey

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