Fade into You by Tracy Wolff

These sexy rock stars are back and it is all about the drummer…the inimitable Wyatt!

Now like all tortured souls, Wyatt is not an easy guy, he does everything to excess and the other guys in the band understand that, but Wyatt lives life almost on the edge of sanity and with a personality that thrives on addiction, he is now at a crossroads, having just finished his latest stint in rehab because the direction he takes now, well that is in the balance.

Confronting his demons is hard on him but he is doing what he can to stay clean, the record company are not exactly sure that he can make it and decide to send one of their own in “undercover” so to speak to keep an eye on him.

Caleb may be the main man at the record company, but it is Poppy his sister that has the eye for spotting talent and it was her that put Shaken Dirty on the company radar in the first place but with a soft spot form Wyatt, choosing her to babysit him, well that has disaster written all over it for everyone.

Poppy thinks her brother is mental asking her to join the guys for a few months to make sure that Wyatt stays clean, but when she meets up with him and the band it is far from the meeting that she would have wanted, primarily because she had a very intimate tryst with him the night before…although neither of them knew that they were destined to meet each other again so soon, so to speak.

So with embarrassing introductions over, Poppy takes her place as their “Social Media expert”, and she comes up with some really great ideas to help the guys interact with their fans, but then again she really did have their best interests at heart.

But it is Wyatt that owns her heart and knowing that she is lying to him about who she is, is eating away at her.

Wyatt begins to open up, he really starts to deal with the issues he has but it is not easy, His past weighs heavily on him and dealing with it in order to finally heal is not an easy task.

But the lie, the deception that their relationship is wobbling along on is bubbling to the surface, my fear was what the knowledge was going to do to Wyatt when it came to light, because we all knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. The fallout was going to devastate them both.

I loved the way the whole band look out and love each other, the way the guys are really best friends, that they are a one for all and all for one group of guys.

Wyatt was blown away when he found out what the others had done to keep him in the band while he was in Rehab, the money they had spent on him, their friend, I adored the way Wyatt was willing to throw it all away in a bid to help the guys out when their careers were threatened because of him and I hated Poppy’s father the man was completely reprehensible.

Poppy really was the woman for Wyatt but would it take losing her for him to realise it?

My heart broke for the two of them when the s**t hit the fan so to speak, when her father wielded his iron fist and Poppy lost everything, including the man that she loved.

But with nothing left, her brother stepped up and the two of them had the opportunity to do what they do best and to leave the shadow of their father behind.

But that just leaves one thorn in her side, one itch that she hasn’t been able to scratch, in fact one mountain that she has left to climb, she has to find a way to show Wyatt that she cannot live without him.

This I think was my favourite part of the book, because finally they could be honest with each other, no hidden agendas, no lies, no interference, just them and what they felt and how that was likely to pan out for the both…would they make it?

Well what do you think!!!

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