Rewriting History by Missy Johson and Carly Grey

Tip: if you can you should buy “Hot for the Teacher” Anthology because you will find a short novella in there called Unwritten History and this is the prequel to this book. It sets the tone for Rewriting History, gives valuable background detail and lets you see exactly how Jill and Eli came to meet.

I found Jill to be a tad left field from you standard high school senior, she was self-assured, with a fabulous sense of humour and the common sense to match. She was old beyond her years and in that respect I can fully understand Eli’s attraction to her.

Signing up online to meet someone she can relate Jill does what most kids her age would do, she lies! She pretends to be older than she is and bags herself the delicious Eli- 25, stunningly handsome and intellectually astute, this history teacher  is buff in every way – why were teachers never like that in my school!!

And just as they are ticking along nicely, her little white lie, jumps right up and bites her on the arse, because walking into school, she is confronted by her worst nightmare – Eli is stood at the front of her History class- shit!

I loved the details that was in the book, the social commentary, I loved in inclusion of the modern phenomenon of online dating and the fact the author went to great pains to emphasise that Jill although she had been deceitful with her information was savvy enough to make sure that when meeting Eli, someone knew where she was going and that she would keep in touch.

Online activity is often fraught with danger when it makes it into real life, I was pleased that this point was made clear.

I felt the book was a deviation from what I would have perhaps anticipated, because although I fully understood that the relationship between them was inappropriate now that he had become her teacher, I wanted them to be together. I was rooting for them to find a way to have and keep the love that had developed between the pair of them. Eli needed Jill so much I was heartbroken by the pain that he was going through trying to stay away from her, it was debilitating for him almost. The connection was not only physical but deeply emotional; believe me when I say you will feel every moment of his pain!

A great read, full of emotion, angst and drama but most of all passion and love.