Watching the Sky Cry by JB Hartnett

This is one woman’s story about what it takes to not only find but accept that life and love are worth the effort, not just once but twice.

Riley and Quinton had history, it was deep in their past and that was where it was meant to stay, right up until the time it wasn’t…right up until the time it was ok to accept that sometimes all you need is to give yourself the permission to accept, to let your heart and head read from the same page and to understand that every day is a blessing and refusing to live, refusing to move on is doing not only yourself but those you have lost a disservice. Those that have loved you unconditionally would want you to be happy at any cost, it is often us that hold ourselves back, Riley knew this better than most and when Quinton walked back into her life she also knew that it isn’t often you get a second chance, life is too short to let it slip through your fingers again!

Married to Nick, life was everything you imagined a marriage would be it had its good and its bad times and then it had the time that Riley never thought her heart would recover from, the time when everything she had disappeared and her heart went with it. Picking herself back up from that was far from an easy task but she had to try and her first step was a move home.

But seeing Quinton again raised memories of what they had not only shared but also lost since they were last together. Could they or should they give themselves the opportunity to see what they could have together now, all these years and all their experiences down the line? I hoped so I wanted Riley to be happy, she was a solid soul, realistic and pragmatic, she deserved to have someone to care for her and Quinton certainly fit that bill. He may have moved on from what they had but that didn’t mean he had forgotten what they shared.

But could they?

I thought the author told their story in a way that forcibly engaged my brain, I felt as if there were aspects of the story that were almost left to my own discretion. I was a little confused on a couple of occasions but I quickly picked up on the fact that much life Riley and Quinton I had to work to see the bigger picture. A well written engaging read that was a little bit different from what I had anticipated.

Topic: Watching the Sky Cry by JB Hartnett

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