by D.L. Hess

As a debut novel, I think this was a terrific book and as the first of a series this certainly left me looking for more…so congratulations to the author for kicking it off in style.
But one word of warning…there is a doozy of an ending in this book that doesn’t just creep up on you…Oh no this one has ninja skills and it completely caught me unawares. By the time I realised that the end had arrived I was ready to back track just to make sure that I hadn’t missed out on anything, I think I was reading at such a pace that I hadn’t realised that the story was going to end in such a fashion.
The story centres around Toni, an average everyday woman who is doing exactly what she needs to do in order to keep her head above water, after having had what can only be described as a whole heap of bad luck. But she is getting back on track and working hard at the local diner.
Nate Stone, is the man of the moment, a massive star on the cinema screens across the country but when he walks into Finewhile Diner in Boden, Louisiana, the purpose of being back in town is no longer just about his upcoming movie, nope there is a new challenge facing him and it is one that he is willing to pull out all the stops to win…a certain very pretty waitress.
Toni “saw” Nate as soon as he came into the diner but while her interest was certainly piqued that didn’t means she was going to be bowled over by him, she had been bitten by a love before that didn’t have the best outcome, so she isn’t shy when it comes to knocking him back!!
Challenge accepted…I could hear that phrase running around in Nate’s head, he could have any woman he wanted but in this small town, the woman that was occupying his every thought didn’t want a bar of him and that was a rejection that he wasn’t willing to just sit back and accept.
Could he break through the wall of doubt that she seemed shrouded in? Well he was going to give it his best shot!
Well written this was a pacy affair, a story that was able to hold my attention and to give me characters that were engaging.
Really Enjoyable

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