Execution Style by Lani Lynn Vale

Ladies, please if you haven’t read any of the other works by Lani – then I beg you – get right on it – this woman knows just how to write a seriously hot man!! Dang

This is the fourth book in the series and it is Miller and Mercy’s book and it is brilliant. I won’t say it is my favourite because to be honest I love each and every one of her couples, and picking one over the others is just not feasible.

Miller is with the SWAT team and like the rest of the guys he is blow you mind hot.

But the book starts with him witnessing something that as part of the team is so far off the whack scale that he can’t quite believe what is happening.

Mercy is being held hostage by her sadistic ex, and the action he takes to violate her in such a public fashion just proves that he really was one very sick puppy.

But she is one tough woman and when he eventually meets his maker and she is free, she is finds herself in the arms of a man that she doesn’t known, dressed in the black of the SWAT team but with eyes (the only part of him visible) that cut right through her, they see into her soul and she knows this is the person she can trust to keep her safe.

Mercy’s father is on the force, she knows each and every one of the guys that have just witnessed what happened to her, so she can’t face the sympathy that she knows she will see etched across their faces, and so she pleads with Miller to get her out of there and that is exactly what he does.

Heading to the next town, he takes her to the hospital to get her checked out and to make sure that she is able to go home, but leaving her home alone, he just can’t do that, he knows that he has a job to do and that is to keep her safe, to help her heal and to protect her at all cost because somewhere in this crazy night, this woman began to matter to him and he just can’t figure out why?

I liked the pair of them together although I was a little surprised at the events that led to their first night together.

Terrified that she might be carrying a child fathered by her attacker, she pleads with Miller to sleep with her, to give her the doubt she needs, the one that if she is pregnant, it just might Miller’s.

Now, having never been in that position I was unsure as to whether or not that was a realistic scenario but having read Lani’s books previously I know she will have done her research, so kudos to the author for that one was a new one on me and I think it would have been to others, because Lani laid that thought process out quite clearly when she brought forward the reaction of those around and that comes into play in the story.

The path they take is fairly smooth really which I liked after such a horrific start but it was not entirely bump free, in fact there are some pretty large humps to get over but they are more than willing to give it all they have to get there.

The peril in the story was provided by what I can only suggest is described as a “complete fruit loop” but it meant that the story really did hang you out to dry all the way to the end.

The epilogue- well I adore the epilogue, as with the other books, the author gives me the closure I need but doesn’t completely shut the door because I know that I will get to hear about them again in the next book – which just happens to be Millers brother Foster, who suffers a significant in. I laughed my ass off when Miller explained that the three brothers were named after beers – honestly genius or should I say Genuine!