Make Me

By LP Lovell

Stepping back to delve into the childhood that shaped a killer, this short but explosive read is the look behind the making of Una. A peek at the pain that forged the woman she is today, a cold but captivating look at the brutal past that she not only endured but survived.

There was plenty going on in this book, more than the numerical number of pages could have ever been expected to contain but each and every page held an intensity that refused to be curtailed, the depth of the words practically screamed from every paragraph.

From the time, she was plucked from her meagre existence in the orphanage right through to the completion of her training as an assassin, Una has never been of any importance to anyone, her being is at the behest of others and to carry out the wishes of those that command her services but this was more, this was the opportunity to see her as more, this was the much needed look at the bonds and emotions that she has fought to bury and suppressed for so long but that still linger deep in the heart of this brutalised woman.

I thought the look at the relationship between Una and Alex was poignantly beautiful, the connection they shared may have not lasted long and may have ended tragically but it is one that lives within her to this day, the only true feeling of loving and being loved that I think she has ever experienced.

The tender, innocent adoration that they shared for each other was described beautifully but what started so innocently was ended so horribly. Una carries the pain of losing her friend in her soul, it a regret that she can’t shake.

This is a series that fills the brief, it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t but what it is, is fantastically dark, totally engaging and brutally honest.

Although this is listed as book 0.5 I would say that it should be read in the order of release not numerical order, this makes more sense if read after Kill Me rather than prior too.