Pleasure & Pain Part Two by JA Fredericks

I loved the first book in this series and was more than eager to jump into this the second instalment and I have to say that the book itself did not disappoint – although I was struggling a bit with Harley on and off throughout the story.

I wanted her to man up, so to speak – to find her inner strength and fight back – all guns blazing. I just got the impression that she was over thinking things at times and because of that she was backing down when she didn’t need to.

She was such a great character that I wanted to make sure she wasn’t backed into a corner that she couldn’t get out of and I was afraid that left to her own devices she was heading that way.

I got that she’d had a lot to contend with in a fairly short timeframe and I also got that learning to trust again was a big deal for her but hanging back was serving no purpose.

She really needed to grab the bull by the horns and face the world head on because unbeknown to her, all the while she is pussyfooting around there were others that were determined to have their say in her life and if she thinks it is just going to smoothly drift along then she is seriously deluded because unfortunately Harley has the propensity to attract trouble like a magnet.

Now, no I haven’t forgotten about the other main reason for reading this book – Colt – this “darlin” man is damn well sexy as sin.

Or should I say he was with Harley, because if you are brave enough to step in his way yourself or any other unfortunate soul encroaches on his path then the not so nice Colt is likely to be front and centre – and he really has got being a mean SOB down to a fine art. The man is epic!

And don’t forget Ranger in all this … I know, I know – as if you could!

I loved the whole connection between Harley and Colt it was brought to life before my eyes and it was not only hot and steamy it was beautifully emotional – and all that in the MC setting , what is there not to love about the book!

The plot turn more twists than I had anticipated and while some of the questions that hung around from the last book were answered, like why Harley had been in prison, I think it would be safe to say that I think there may be more to come that is connected to that and especially with regards to her brother.

And while we are on the subject of her brother –WTF??? I am so confused!

Overall a super read, full of twists and mystery and a host of characters that will either inspire you to hate or loathe them, I say that because there aren’t too many to love but those that capture your heart in that way are more than worth the effort.

The ending was to be expected in as much as it was a doozy of a cliff hanger but the details – well they will have you shaking your head and count the days until the next book.