Sunnyside Up by Lori King

What a little peach.

Nature is doing its utmost to scupper Lacy’s wedding plans, well renewal reception actually but when the ranch is flooded, she may just have to rethink the whole idea. Oh, honestly what am I thinking, she has Drannon by her side, there is nothing he isn’t going to do to make sure she gets the day of her dreams. And with the rest of the town keeping everything crossed for them, this may just turn out to be more than anyone had bargained for.

I like this town and I love getting to grips with these cowboys, the work hard, play harder and love to a level that I have run out of words.

But this short little peak behind the big day is littered with so much more than lace and flowers, it dishes up a relationship that teeter on the brink…can it be savaged?

Secrets that refuse to lay down and go away and a visit from Social services that does more than ruffle a few feathers.

The story is flurry of activity all crammed into a full filled few pages, but the characterisation and content are completely on point. Each of these guys was a story that has been just delicious to read, they have a bond that not only brought them together but keeps them together, brothers in all but blood.

A charming story and a note in the diary to catch up on the rest of the series.

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