Shattered Innocence by Alexis Noelle

There is so much going on in this book that I was completely swept away is a sea of angst and attitude.

Jessica is living a life littered with compromise, putting herself through college is only possible by working and the only job she can get that will cover all her bills is the one she doesn’t really want to have to do but needs must and she is determined to have her education no matter what.

But getting my head around what she did and for who was a little more complicated because once Damon is appointed boss, it is blatantly obvious that the status quo is about to shift.

Jessica likes him and he likes her but the fly in the ointment is her job!

He knows what she does but that doesn’t mean he likes it, in fact he would rather she did anything else but she has her reasons and being dictated to by him is not going to change her mind.  The two of them were so infuriating that I found myself itching to beat the two of them. Damon got on my nerves to start with but I wanted them to at least have a shot at a relationship but could they find a happy medium?

I’m happy to say that by the time I reached the end of the book my emotions were back on an even keel but the path to that position was far from smooth. These are characters that will make you work hard for their story, they give nothing up easily …oh and that includes the ending- it’s a cliffy!!!