Easy Sacrifice

by Anna Brooks


This was storytelling and character development of the very highest order. Born out over years, this was the story of a love that from almost first glance knew absolutely no limits, no boundaries, no depths to which it is not willing to go to protect.

The connection between Ty and Anna was so intense that putting this book down was not an option.

Every single fibre of Ty’s being was alpha and every single cell that coursed through his body was on this planet to protect Jessa. There was simply no-one else, from their first glance she owned his soul and even when they were apart, his life was devoted to her.

They were symbiotic in many ways, they needed each other in order to exist yet spent so long apart that being together seemed like it was never going to be possible.

No-one measured up for either or them and I think that is what I loved the most. The fact that they didn’t seem to have an option, they couldn’t be with anyone else, their paths were almost predetermined.

Ty knew he was bad news for Jessa, he knew that being with her was going to be the one thing that would open her up to more danger than he could possibly control but he couldn’t stay away even when he was sure that his enemies would use her to get to him.

He couldn’t change the way he was and to be honest I didn’t want him too, I wanted him to be the man that refused to ignore the way he felt, I wanted him to say to h*ll with it and get his woman no matter what and he did just that.

Jessa tried, she really did but her heart was tethered to Ty and she couldn’t exist without him but keeping him wasn’t as easy as she would have liked. When it all boiled down to it, she actually knew very little about him but it didn’t matter, life without him wasn’t an option.

There was danger and mystery throughout the story and while I had guessed what was going on with Ty, I was engrossed with the way he was with Jessa. I wanted nothing more than for her to know the real him and to know just how much and how far he had gone to be the man she needed.

Seriously this was a superb read, yes it was harsh at times, Ty’s life was far from rosy and the author didn’t hide that from me but she didn’t allow that fact to give him an out either, yes he had grown up surrounded by bad things and bad people but that still wasn’t what defined him. The author gave him purpose, she gave him attitude and understanding and most of all she gave him Jessa and that was something worth fighting for.

Difficult to accurately categorise this was a book that you should not miss it was fabulous.

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