Dirty Rich One Night Stand

by Lisa Renee Jones

This wasn’t a book to be devoured it was one that has so much content and depth to that content that it should have been slowly savoured but that is so much easier to say than to do because this was a story I would have inhaled in one go if I could have…I was totally absorbed.

I commend the author for not only the astonishing contrast that she was able weave from page to page, but also the intensity that she packed in too.

The suspense and mystery was levelled in such a way as to keep my attention not only from page to page but from word to word, I had no idea what was coming next and even though the was plenty of humour beautifully injected, when the story lifted to a lighter note, the intensity of the connection between Reese and Cat never let up, they were incredible.

I loved the secondary characters and what they brought to the story, each had a significance that only helped to clarify their inclusion and not a word, nor situation was wasted.

You will be hard pressed to work out what the author had pending for any of them, each page brought a new highlight and that meant that, this was a book that I quite simply couldn’t put down.

Yes, the story was romantic and yes, it was erotic but it was more than that, it was slick, it was quick and it was demanding…well done!!!

Topic: Dirty Rich One Night Stand by Lisa Renee Jones

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