Throb by Vi Keeland


I have become a huge fan of Vi Keeland over the course of the last 12 months and I have to say that she just keeps getting better and better. Her novels are engaging, with characters that are easy to take to your heart and stories that leave you a little bit better for having taken the time to read them.

Throb is no exception.

While set with a wholly modern backdrop, Throb is an out and out old fashioned love story. Blessed with not two but three characters that I was able to connect with and a situation that I found completely absorbing.

I liked Cooper the no nonsense business mogul, who is the epitome business success. CEO of the family Production Company he is the master of all he surveys and he does so with consummate ease and authority. Not an easy combination to pull off.

But like every family there is a black sheep and this particular tick on Coopers skin is his brother Miles, who is constantly in the red and in need of help. If only he could take a leaf out of Coopers book every now and again rather than just his money he may amount to something.

But every man has a weak spot and Cooper’s dedication to the business has left him lagging behind in the love stakes, he hasn’t been living under a rock but he certainly hasn’t managed to find anyone that has piqued his interest enough –yet.

But his brother Miles may just be about to provide unexpected assistance in that field when decides to produce a new reality Batchelor style TV show and casts the woman that just might complete him to appear in the show, Miles finds Kate and offers her a contract to appear in the show – the wheels of fate are in motion and there is no stopping this train now! And even if there was- Miles has no intension of helping his brother in anyway!!

Who is Kate I hear you say, well she has been through the mill over the past few years and this job just might save her bacon. Facing a sea of debt, courtesy of her father and is inherent knack of being able to collect debt like a philatelist would collect stamps and an absolute forest of medical bills thanks to a sick mother and disabled brother Kate is hoping that the new fancy contract she has signed just might set her right.

How hard can it be to keep her mouth closed and her heart locked away … piece of cake!!

But famous last words Kate, nothing about this is a piece of cake, because Kate is confronted by the fact that she has just come face to face with not one but two men who have set her heart galloping along to its own tune and it is taking her along for the ride.

Cooper, Kate and the indomitable Flynn were just fabulous characters.

I wasn’t sure how to take Flynn at first, but his grew on me and I found that I really liked him. He played his part well but I couldn’t help but feel that no matter what the situation between him and Kate, I think that he knew that her heart was with Cooper.

Her attraction to Cooper was mesmerizing, she was captivated by him but she was also obligated to the show and through that she had an attraction to Flynn, one that she couldn’t help and one that was crucifying Cooper.

Dealing with it has him completely beside himself but Kate is trying to hold herself together and do the right thing, for everyone.

The triangle situation was not overplayed and I actually got the truth in the situation. It was a scenario that was honest, complicated in some ways but open in others. The characters were intense but I felt everything with them and that was as a result of the phenomenal writing, the amazing interpretation of emotion and the determination of the characters to fight their corner!