Dylan by Jo Raven



Emotionally provocative and intensely complicated, the relationship between Tessa and Dylan has been as present in their lives as the realisation that the sun will rise each morning – it is just unfortunate that they have lost not only too many years apart but the confidence to accept that they belong together.
Inseparable as kids they were suddenly parted without reason and now years later they are thrown back together and fighting the fundamental urge to pick right back up.
But neither of them are ready to lay their hearts on the line, the pain second time round would be too much to take.
Tessa gave her heart to Dylan as a kid and he left taking it with him. She has never really gotten over him and nor does she want too. Because him standing before her, she could pick straight up where they left off but Dylan is aloof and that has her confused because when push comes to shove it was him that walked away. She is the one that should be pissed. What the hell has he got to be miffed about?
Dylan may have walked away but he never forgot Tessa and never stopped wanting her but he has responsibilities that she wouldn’t have understood at the time. He gave up the one thing that was his, when he left Tessa in order to take care of his two younger brothers, they are his responsibility and his alone... his needs come last when it comes to them.
His devotion is commendable but the responsibility is taking its toll and while his love for both Miles and Teo can never be questioned, he needs some time for him, some time to find who he is, time to cut loose and enjoy life, shake free of the domesticity and act his age!
Trust is earned and should not be given unconditionally, past hurts and regrets have to be put aside and a willingness to wipe the slate clean given without regret in order to find a way past the foolishness of youth, so can Tessa and Dylan find a way back to each other or are they destined to be apart.
The story of their journey is beautiful, it comes complete with not only a full cast of peripheral character that each have something worthwhile to add to the tale but also a chance to catch up with some of the characters from earlier books in the series. Tessa and Dylan both have the will to make things work and the desire to not let a happy ever after slip through their fingers. Together they set the pages alight.
The author gave us a character to look up to when she penned Dylan, a man that accepted responsibility that was way beyond his tender years, she also showed that through responsibility comes an inner calm that when shown to the world, allows them to give you the respect and credit you deserve.
Tessa was yet another positive, she had a passion not only to do the right thing for Miles and Teo with regard to her relationship with Dylan but also because she cared about them too.
A super couple who set the screen of my kindle alight but also soothed my soul, they were made for each other, they may have taken the long way round to get their happy ever after but it was never more deserved.