Renegade Lady by Dawn Martens and Emily Minton

Renegade Lady - Renegade Sons MC by Dawn Martens & Emily Minton

Rescued by Chipper from a living hell at the hands of her father and the man he gave her to at his motorcycle club. Jenna (Ice) Chandler finds the family she has always craved with Chipper and his family in Big Clifty.

Kidd Jones is president of the Renegade Sons and the younger brother of Chipper - he sees something in Jenna that he knows is different but he also knows that he has to keep his distance because at just 16 she is too young for him.

Time and tide waits for no man, so Kidd takes off to sort out club business at the section where Jenna was abused. The Renegades believe that they have been skimming from the drug deliveries that the club have shipping through them to California and Kidd definately ain't having that!

MC life is depicted in all it's glory- the good and bad of the MC world is laid bare for us to see right from the very first pages - the authors hold nothing back and some of the situations depicted and language used is brutal by any mans standards. The story certainly isn't for the faint hearted.

Returning to Big Clifty almost a year later, Kidd has a woman in tow and a decision to make, but when he sees Jenna - the course of his future is determined. No-one but her will ever be his "Old Lady"

Four months later - Kidd gets his way and on Jenna's 18th Birthday he claims and seduces her. Unfortunately for them both - Kidd's other "lady" has had a fatal accident and guilt causes Kidd to push Jenna away.There is only one flaw inhis actions - Jenna won't play his game - this time his action forces her to turn her back on him for good.

MC regulation dictates that at 18 women either have to become someone's old lady or a club whore- not wanting any man to hold that sort of control over her Jenna determines her fate when she insists that she will never be anyone's "old lady"

Kidd can't stand the thought of Jenna ( Ice) following the path she has chosen but is powerless to stop it.

Skip forward 6 years and things are pretty much the norm, Jenna has a life that suits her and has close strong links with Reese and Timber at the club.

But when Jenna's past comes breathing its ugly head Jenna's direction Kidd,has reaches his limit and leaves Jenna with no choice - she is his woman and that is it! Claiming her once and for all - their path is determined.

A love story to all intense and purposes, this story is set against the backdrop of a culture that many readers would find difficult to garner sympathy for but Jenna is a product of the poor start she had in life and unwilling to leave the only family she has ever known - she lives within the rules of the club. Kidd is honourable- perhaps an odd word for the way he conducts his life but once he has made a commitment to Jenna, he abides by it 100%- she is his and he most definately belongs to her - then again, he always has.

Hoping that there is more from the Renegades in the very near future.

This one is not to be missed but please read with an open mind - some of the action is brutal!

Rating 5 out of 5 ( Outstanding)