Dirty by Kylie Scott


Could not and would not put this down! I adored this book, I loved the characters, I loved the setting and most of all I absolutely loved the humour. This was Kylie Scott at her very best and that is saying something since her Stage Dive Series is one of my favourite reads ever!

Lydia is fabulous, I want her as my new BFF, she was so darn funny that I just couldn’t take my eyes off the page. I liked Vaughan but I bl**dy loved Lydia!!

Vaughan is mentioned in the Stage Dive series but if you didn’t pay close attention you might very well have missed him- I know a re-read may be in order…yippee!!!

So what about Dirty …well the way they meet, the fact that Lydia is on the run from her own wedding and why, well that just tickled me. She was a hoot and from the off she never let that humour disappear.

I liked that Vaughan was a little rough and ready but yet not too macho to show his sensitive site. They bounced off each other in so many ways that once they started adding friends and family into the mix, I had my fingers crossed for the two of them.

And when it came to the two of them getting physical, oh my god they set the page alight!

I loved the secondary characters and I also liked the way that the author set up so many scenarios for the rest of the series.

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