My Serenity

by M Clarke


This broke me… finally done!

This is a book about one thing, true love. And it is beautiful

It is a story that gives hope to the fact that love can and will survive, no matter the timescale, no matter the hardship.

Josie was as tough as they come, but that was through necessity. Life had been remarkable harsh for her. But she faced each day with a fortitude that I have to say I truly admire. She had little to look forward to but she had plenty to remember, namely the boy that was embedded in her soul, the one she had loved since they were both in the sixth grade.

Seth stole her tender young heart and she had never been able to let him go, no matter how far apart they were. Her heart paid no heed to distance, time or circumstance because despite the cruel separation nothing had changed and she was not alone, because when they took her away from him the life his little heart was broken.

Seth knew that he loved Josie, he missed her when she was gone and never fully understood why she had been taken away from him … I was so sad for the two of them. They were little souls joined at their very core and life had been so cruel.

But what would you do if you get a second chance with your first love?

When at last there is a chance to allow a love that has laid dormant for so long a chance to breath, to unfurl and grow, what are these two young adults going to do?

Has too much time passed?

Can they survive the pain of the time apart and can the events of their past be put behind them completely and is it possible that what began all those years ago could finally find it’s happy ever after?

I liked the fact that the story took its time, it gave their reconnection credence and gave the events of their lives since they had been apart a chance to be aired. They have both grown, they’re not the kids they once were but they are both super strong characters.

The story is sexy yes, and when they find their stride the heat factor is certainly turned up. But it is the support around them, especially Seth’s family that come into their own, they are pivotal in the fact that finally Josie can experience the true meaning of family.

This is an intensely emotional story, but it was more than just that and it is one that you really, need to read.