Sexiest Man Alive

 by M Clarke


This was a book that was so easy to get lost in, it enveloped my very being and I could think of nothing better to do that let it.

The characters were so much more than I thought they were going to be, the author has created a network of interdependent people that you will want to immerse yourself in, the intensity of their lives, their loves and their frustrations.

I really, really liked Nate, he was one of the good guys and I wanted great things for him and after what happened with Olivia, I wasn’t sure that she really was who I wanted for him but then again what did I know, because his heart loved her, it always had and when she walked way and left him broken…well I was devastated for him.

But gathering himself up and making the most of his life after her, he is blessed with the most amazing opportunity, little did he know how complicated that decision was going to be.

They may have been apart and others were in their lives but there was never going to be anyone else in the hearts, this pair belonged together, but getting to that point again meant working through the past and learning to deal with the events that had beset them.

I could barely catch my breath with the emotional distress that they were under, the longing the lust, the sheer torture of not being together, it was more than I could take at times, I wanted to shout at them to just listen, to listen to what their heart was telling them and see that they were everything each other needed, but that wouldn’t make for a great book now would it, they had a journey to take, a passage to follow that I hoped would lead them full circle.

The Sexiest Man Alive that is in the eye of the beholder as they saying goes but one of the most sensitive and emotionally astute men I have had the pleasure of reading…yep that is my opinion. I adored Nate, I was blown away by the kind of man that the author was clever enough to bring to life.

An incredibly creative and descriptive book that will be firmly on the re-read list for a while to come… this one definitely comes highly recommended!!!

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