Razing Grace: Part 2

by Amo Jones

A word of warning…be prepared this one is going to know you on you’re a$$.

Picking straight up from where part one left off this is off and running straight out of the traps and it never and I do mean never lets up!

This took crazy to a whole new level of batsh*t and it revelled in that knowledge. The author used every trick in the book to make sure that every word, very sentence, heck every single syllable was saying exactly what she wanted it to say and in doing so she created a book that was completed absorbing.

I am at a loss for words on how to describe Millie, she is almost maniacal but even then I’m not sure that, that sums up her own very unique brand of lunacy.

Be warned she will have you tossing WTF around like confetti!

And then there is Raze, well what can I say about him other than you have to read this guy, if you thought from part one that he knew him, think again he is off the charts loopy in this book but that didn’t define him, there was so much more to his story and I think I fell that little bit harder for him because of that.

I think I felt confused about the story – see even that sentence is confusing but what I got from the story overall was a sense of love, love at all costs and without condition, a passionate read that encompasses a story that is quite simply one of the most unique works I have encountered for a long time.

It covered every emotion that you could possibly want and few that you would rather not but in the scheme of things it brought about a story that was both raw yet tender at the same time.

I have nothing but praise for this author a work that should be praised as being far more than five stars.

Devastatingly beautiful and yet consummately brilliant!

Topic: Razing Grace: Part 2 by Amo Jones

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