by Amity Cross


This is exactly what the title implies – Unexpected. But it is what Amity Cross does best, hot steamy storylines that play with you heart and your head.

Unexpected is a short sharp novel, but it is punchy enough to peak your interest and tide you over until you can not only finish this book but devour the next one.

I get that many will be thinking, angst riddled girl meets hot rock star but this is not your average read. Because Blair and West are not your average couple.

Blair has no intension of hooking up on a more than casual basis with anyone anymore but West has been there and done that and just about anyone that put themselves in his way and he is ready for something different, he is ready to find his woman and to keep her.

So poles apart can this pair find some middle ground, enough to give them a chance?

When they meet West is determined not to look a gift horse in the mouth, Blair makes it clear that one night is all he gets but convinced that one night with him is all it will take to show her the error of her ways, he sets about his mission -  show this woman that he is what she needs.

I liked West, he was trying. He was determined to put himself right and to stay that way. His future depended on what he did now and he was willing to lay himself out there for Blair, something about her called to him and he was not prepared to walk away. Blair on the other hand will test your patience… she did mine! I could have throttled her on a number of occasions – she was just so pig-headed.

Could he change her mind, would she give in and give him the week he wanted?

As hot as they were together, the connection between them was practically instant but far from straight forward. Just like life itself, you make a series of judgement calls and deal with the results before moving on to the next one

But saying yes to travelling with West is a big step, one that she finds out quite quickly she just might not be ready for.

But can West give her the happiness that she needs and that he so desperately wants for them both. My heart broke for him, he was like a little kid that just wanted someone of his own to love him.

Life is far from smooth for the couple and they have more than their fair share of outside influences to deal with but they have each other, but sometimes it might not be enough. My man, West will go down all guns blazing to show Blair that she is his, I just hope that it is enough.

West, is a god  ... just let me get it out there. He not only did he redeem himself with Blair but he found his way back into my good books – I was really giving serious consideration  to the fact that he must have lost his mind. But he showed not only Blair but me that he was sorry. I have struggled with Blair much of this book but I have to say that I could almost feel her pain, she was destroyed by West’s actions and felt as if she was completely broken.

But he faced his demons and accepted that imperfect as he is, he cannot live without her, Blair is his happiness and opening his soul to her is the biggest risk he will ever take but it is all he has to show her that he has nothing to hide, she owns him good and bad, if she wants him.

Blair has to see through the cloud and accept that West is handing himself to her on a plate, her decision is whether it is enough and is it enough to guarantee their future.