Angels Fall

by J A Huss and Johnathan McClain

I think it is safe to say that the dynamic duo of McClain and Huss has certainly found its feet because as much I loved the first book in the series, they hit the ground running with this one and never once looked back.
I was totally hooked from the very first page and don’t think that I could have torn myself away even if I had wanted too, this book was the very reason that I found myself dog tired at my desk earlier this week after a very late night!
Maddie is such a powerful character, she has been through so much that I didn’t know whether she could survive anymore, my heart broke for her, I felt was sick with anticipation.  It was no surprise that the depression that she was encompassed by refused to lift, but her situation was compounded by the fact that everything that was going on wasn’t just going against her but that is was being manipulated to be that way, everything that was happening was by design…Yes, really!!
As you probably know, from the first book in the series, the story isn’t only about Maddie, nope there is Tyler too and for me, I really felt as if he came into his own in this book.
Unlike Maddie, I got the feeling that in his own way he was master of his own fate and he was determined that everything that we saw from him in the first book would be consigned to not only the past but his past and that he would make amends, he would fix himself, and in doing so he would find a way to fix his relationship with Maddie.
I liked the fact that he realised that he had to make a change and that he sought out the correct people to help him achieve his goals, but what I loved about him was his cadence, his patter, his banter, call it what you will, the guy was hilarious.
When he hit his stride, the story told from his point of view was both heartfelt and resolute.
Emotionally this is every bit as taxing as the first book, please don’t think that the authors are going to make it easy because they don’t, they took the abject despair from the first story and switched it up, they didn’t lessen the pain, nope they just gave a better insight into how what Maddie and Tyler had been through had left its mark
I can only applaud the authors for a story that doesn’t just draw you in, nope, it will leave you breathless with anticipation, and after the cliffy at the end, I have no doubt that by the time I read book three, I may need a lie down in a very dark room.

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