Broken Dreams by Kelly Elliott



Broken Dreams by Kelly Elliott

Book Two in the Broken Series

To understand the history of this pair you really should read Broken – book one in the series before you begin this story.

This time it is Whitley best friend Courtney sets herself up to fight her corner only to face off again against Layton’s best friend Reed Moore. We saw in the first book that this pair have one of those relationships that should come with the warning – light the touch paper and stand well back – could prove to be explosive!

They are as volatile as can be, and have one desire only and that is to steer well clear of each other – truth is that is just never gonna happen!!!!!!

Their initial meeting is electric, there is most definitely something chemical between the pair of them and with the relationship between Whitley and Layton being so positive – they have a lot to compare themselves to.

If you have read the first book you will know that Courtney and Reed have been on less than friendly terms so far and the exchanged between them have been both hurtful and at times visceral in the extreme.

But their walls are set to tumble and how the mighty fall.

When put in a situation that leaves them with the opportunity to give in to how they truly feel – they leave no stone unturned to find a way to make a relationship work.

If truth be told, Courtney and Reed are a fascinating coupe who have so much to give each other and once they get their act together they are awesome


Rating 4 out of 5