Hunter's Mark

by Wendy Smith

I came to this series late…I mean darn it there are three books before this and I have missed them all!! I think I would like to see a little of where all the characters have come from so far, so I have the others now and will start at the beginning soon but as for this the 4th book, well I can’t say that it didn’t read well as a standalone because I couldn’t but it down, so it definitely had something going for it and if truth be known it had rather a lot happening that endeared it to me.

I liked Constance, she was willing to stand her ground, to be her own woman and believe me she needed that, because Corey was far from a straight forward type of guy. Happy in his own company he lived a solitary life, only visiting his family when he felt the need, the marriage of his brother to a woman that he has held dear for a long time, it takes its toll on him and he isn’t exactly coping well with the situation but that pales into insignificance when he meets Constance because her situation left my jaw slack!

They were great for each other, they each needed what the other had to offer, they just had to find that out in their own way and in their own time…but could they?

I liked this, it was well written, super engaging and with characters that totally captured my imagination

Topic: Hunter's Mark by Wendy Smith

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