Train Wreck

By T Gephart

3.75 Stars

Let me just get this one thing off my mind before I say anything else, I love T Gephart, her books are amongst some of the best I have read but this just didn’t do it for me.
I’m not sure why but I just found myself ahead of the plot for most of the story and that was distracting.
Eve is blown away by Josh’s work as a tattoo artist and when she approaches him to work alongside him in his shop, I think it was obvious where their story was heading and that for me was a little too easy, I suppose I just wanted a little more than his talent showing her what she was missing and giving her the inspiration she needed to find a new direction with her art.
So while I love the author and I loved the writing style, I guess I just didn’t get enough of a wow with this one, it was funny and the story flowed well, it just didn’t float my boat.


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