The Quarterback Sneak by Liz Matis


This will make you smile, have you chuckling to yourself but most of all like Hayden it will make you glad you gave this quarterback a chance!

The path to true love is never smooth but when you have the history and reputation that both Hayden and Liam have, you know it is going to be one glorious ride!!

Liam has partied to excess, indulged completely and loved every god damn minute of it!

Hayden is every man’s ultimate fantasy, beautiful, shameless and completely without restraint but when the two of them are put together, all bets are off and this just might be a game changer because changes are not only afoot, they are to be enforced.

Can this pair be more than the sum of all their past transgressions?

Can they learn their lesson and find a happy ever after?

Well, with a less that conventional beginning, we are taken on the most delightful ride>

The chemistry between them is electrifying and the story is just fantastic, they are brilliant characters who I absolutely loved getting to know.

It is never too late to get a second bite at the cherry and this pair has all the makings of being able to not only settle but sooth each other.

Smile your way to the last page and take a gentle sigh when you realise that just sometimes, love is worth it all!