Get Lucky by Lila Monroe

The spectre of Vegas strikes again and the ensuing results are completely captivating.

Julia is in Las Vegas for The Romantic Style convention and as she is a romance author, it is something that is right up her street but when she bumps into Nate, possibly the only guy in the city not looking for a hook up, her trip might just have bottomed out.

Nate deals with the rough end of the love market, Julia may wear her heart on her page but Nate sees the devastation when relationships fall apart, life as a divorce attorney has left him jaded and with no intension of ending up in the same situation.

A few drinks with a pretty face while he is wasting away his time while he is in town for his friend’s wedding is all is on the cards when they settle in at the bar but more than a little light libation is consumed and suddenly that is all it takes to awaken a little more desire in the two of them than they had possibly anticipated.

The ensuing evening antics are nothing short of hysterical, the author throws everything at them and when they wake the following morning it is almost too much for them to actually remember what the heck they got up to??

But what happened that night might be just the start of the craziness, because the following escapades are fabulous. The book is told from both points of view and I think it needed to be, they both had to have the opportunity to let us, the reader in on what was going through their heads.

I enjoyed seeing both Julia and Nate grow into their relationship, to allow themselves the opportunity to experience the happiness that I was keeping my fingers crossed they would achieve.

This was a funny, sexy and romantic read and I couldn’t help but chuckle out loud on number of occasions and while I liked what they had together I found that it was Julia that I was able to relate to more, she was a fabulous character.

Topic: Get Lucky by Lila Monroe

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