by Nicole Edwards


I’m very much a happy camper when I am in the company of the Walker boys and for the most part I liked Rex, Yes he had issues that at times I wanted to shake the heck out of him for not dealing with but on the whole he was a good guy and well…he’s a Walker , so I was sold from the outset BUT and it is a big but …I really didn’t get to grips with Jack, I wanted so much to dip my hand into the page and wring his neck, he was such a flake at times, I dint know why the heck Rex was putting up with him and flightiness.

I sort of got that they both had things to overcome and in many ways that played off each other’s insecurities but darn it Jack was worse than any woman, he appeared to be constantly conflicted and almost unable or at least unwilling to actually accept anything that was in any way what most ordinary folk would consider part and parcel of a normal relationship. I think I just found his behaviour unsettling and not at all what I would have expected from part of the Walker clan.

I was relieved when after about three quarters of the book, he finally began to see sense, the relationship penny dropped and the angst level subsided- up until then there had been so much toing and froing that I thought I was getting whiplash!

Together they were a great couple and once they sorted out the attitude things started to fall into place, I just thought that it took a little too long for that to happen.

I am an unconditional fan – of not only the Walker boys but also this author, I have read everything she has written but I have to honestly say that Rex was not my favourite, or should I say that because if Jack, Rex was not my favourite!

I loved that the rest of the Walkers got to pop in to the story and that there was that familiar tie, they made me pine for the original stories all over again…perhaps a reread of the series will help bring Rex into the fold.


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