by Nicole Blanchard


Don’t turn your back on this for ever just one second because it might be a bit of a slow burner but that doesn’t mean it will give you the chance to catch up anytime soon because there are details on almost every page that you will want to remember, descriptive tones, impetuous paragraphs that as the first book in the series, I would have to say has me chomping at the bit for the next book.

The story is about Gabriel and Chloe. Gabriel is ex-navy but the sea is in his soul and he now spends his time with the coast guard, well between that and his little girl Emily.

But little did he know that when Emily’s life was in imminent peril it would be a complete stranger that would willingly step up and put his daughter first.

Chloe was in the right place at the wrong time, just jumping on the ferry to make her way across the island when she lands in the middle of everyone’s worst nightmare, an armed man taking a little girl as a hostage…what the heck!

Everything Chloe had inside her knew that she couldn’t let him take the child but in freeing Emily, Chloe herself ends up the one in danger and at the behest of the madman.

When Gabriel discovers what has happened he is first to point out that he is going to be the one to save the woman that brought his daughter back to him, the woman that made sure the most precious gift he has was able to call his name again.

Somewhere in the madness of their situation the spark starts to kick in and they flicker of a romance is ignited but will it survive? I loved Chloe she was a real firecracker, she let very little stand in her way, no matter how badass and sexy it happened to look, because Gabriel certainly filled that criteria. He was one badass dude and I loved him.

I didn’t take particularly to Gabriel’s ex-wife, not that she did anything particularly to get my back up but I think I had just become invested in Gabriel and Chloe and she was a distraction from the path I wanted them to follow.

There is so much in the book that I was constantly flipping back a forth. Chloe was one tough cookie and in many respects didn’t need Gabriel to save her but neither of them knew was that the guy that was holding Chloe was actually after Gabriel in the first place so him heading to the boat to save Chloe meant only one thing …the s**t was about to hit the fan!

I liked the mystery that unfolded but I would have liked a little more of their romance, although saying that the whole feel of the book was one that couldn’t really be faulted, the author certainly gave me plenty to think about.

Topic: Anchor by Nicole Blanchard

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