Best Friends with Benefits by Candy Sloane

This is a new author to me and while, I will hold my hands up and openly say that I enjoyed the story, I will also admit that bits had me pulling my hair out in frustration.

So what do a classical flautist and front man/guitarist for a rock band have in common?

History, they have history!

They grew up together and adulthood sort of forced them to grow apart but they have never really truly let go, they have sporadically kept in touch but when they rock up at their class reunion, you can bet your last dollar that the weekend will result in changes that neither of them saw coming.

Valerie and Alec, really guys, there were times when I could have banged your heads together, but when all it took was a silly game of spin the bottle to break the ice so to speak, there was no going back and despite the ludicrous rules they almost tried to sabotage their shot at happiness with. But then aren’t all rules meant to be broken…yep I thought so too, so I was counting the pages until they shattered their determination…I didn’t have to wait long!

I will say one thing for this author, she doesn’t hold back when she ignites the flame under the two of them. They don’t just sizzle, they ignite!

I understood the apprehension that Valerie felt with regards to getting involved with Alec, after all he is in a rock band, but was she trying to sabotage what they had, were her feelings just an excuse. Alec too had misgivings, and not in the way that I would have thought, he genuinely didn’t know if he could be the man, not only that she deserved but that he wanted to be for her.

They seemed to be pulling in opposite directions but all I wanted was for them to accept what they had and to find a way to make it work for them, I was hoping with everything I had that they would stop looking for the exit door.

Could they overcome their fears or would they lose not only what they could have together but worst of all what they have had in the past, their friendship?

Topic: Best Friends with Benefits by Candy Sloane

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