Beg by CD Reiss

Fabulous introduction to characters that I know I am just going to love.

Our Female lead is Monica, a struggling musician who just wants her chance in the limelight and who along with her ex-boyfriend Darren and her less than stable best friend Gabby are doing everything they can to make their dream come true. But time is a bitch and definitely not on their side.

Supplementing her income by working in a hotel Monica has heard of the owner the super- rich, Jonathan Drazen. 

Powerful businessman, Jonathan owns several hotels and is rarely out of the gossip mags, mainly because of his well-documented divorce. He is a love them a leave them type of guy now – unwilling to get involved – until Monica.

Fired from her job when she unceremoniously spills a tray of drinks in Jonathan’s lap – he takes pity on her and suggests that she contact an acquaintance of his in another hotel for work.

The attraction between the two of them is evident in the writing from their very first meeting but it was a refreshing change that the writer allowed us to experience the development of the relationship rather than giving into the immediate lust.

When they do eventually get together – it is explosive. Monica has lost a bet to Jonathan and as a result has agreed to ‘anything that he wants’ for one night. The experience is HOT and leaves us the reader wondering just who is this Mr Drazen.

Jonathan is an endearing character, he is easy to open your heart too. Monica is a great character and while she is smitten with Jonathan initially I have a feeling that she will be more than a match for this demanding man.