by J.C. Valentine

Book two in the series and we find Ryder and Tiffany still trying to find their flow, getting to know each other, they may be living together but that doesn’t mean that it is all plain sailing…after all she is still trying to get her head around everything that Ryder being in a MC brings to the table and that also means all the women who have gone before her.

That isn’t exactly an easy thing to deal with, but she has to believe that this time, this is the real thing because Ryder isn’t a man to say things he doesn’t mean and this time he knows that what he has with Tiffany is something he has never had or allowed himself to have previously …this is the woman he loves.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a JC Valentine novel if there wasn’t angst littered throughout the story and this is no different, Tiffany’s ex is still on the scene and he is making his own special brand of craziness known! And the club is facing its own pressures, there are plots against them that mean that they are all on edge.

I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for this pair and the rest of the club next!

Topic: FIGHTING DIRTY by J.C. Valentine

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