by Lo Brynolf


Since this was the first novel by this author, I would say that she did a great job.
I thought the story read well, although there were times where I thought that a little inexperience started to peak through but I can’t say that it deterred me from the story at all.
The pace was good and the characterisation was well thought out, I found both Callie and Sebastian to be thoroughly engaging. The connection between the two of them was strong but that didn’t mean that it was unbreakable, sometimes even the best couples need a second bite at the cherry.
Humorous to a fault, I must admit that this brought a smile to my face, so much so that my cheeks ached but it wasn’t all frivolity, and I thought in that aspect of the read the author was both measured but punchy.
With a fabulous cast of secondary characters and an eye for detail, this is an author that I look forward to reading more from.
Bashful… highly recommended

Topic: Bashful by Lo Brynolf

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