by Rachael Brownell


Settle down, relax and let Rachael Brownell, immerse you in a world of exquisite characters who are lucky to be embellished with some stupendous storytelling.

This is the beautiful story of how long and how hard your heart will wait for the one person that it is not prepared to give up on.

Reagan lost her heart to Luke and there isn’t a thing she could have done to stop it.

One Kiss… that was all it took and her fate was sealed and her heart wouldn’t have had it any other way.

But what can you do when he person you don’t want to live without leaves – Do you more on? Or in Reagan’s situation you attempt to find that feeling all over again, you try your hardest top find a man that will make you feel what you have been missing, will make your toes curl and make your lips tingle, the man that will steal your heart- but it is never going to happen when the unattainable is all they are up against.

Luke had motivation for leaving when he did but that didn’t mean the motivation as selfish, quite the opposite but that is of little consequence when they are both struggling to live without their reason to breathe.

He always loved her but he never wanted to hold her back - honestly my heart was in my mouth for most of this book.

They were so right for each other but they were struggling in situations that were so wrong for no other reason than they didn’t know what to do to put them back where they needed to be.

But when tragedy struck, Luke made my heart sing because finally seeing that life is too short and far too precious to spend any longer apart, he made it clear that they had waited long enough and he was done hanging around.

I was overjoyed at this point, I could hear the angels singing in my head, Hallelujah.

I love a happy ending but this felt special. This felt as if they had served their time and they were getting their reward- each other.

As the perfect escape, books don’t come much better, a superb second bite at your first love story.

Loved it!



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