The One by Tia Louise

Three books and a look into the relationship between Derek and Melissa. This is a collection that you will want to get your teeth into.

The first book is told almost entirely from Melissa’s perspective but Derek gets his say as the set continues and I have to say that I enjoyed it more when I got to really hear from them both in equal measure.

Book One- One to Hold, Melissa is taking a break, sometime out of life, to try and gather her thoughts and work out what and where she goes from here. She didn’t expect to meet Derek while she was at the resort but no matter how hard she tries she can’t get him out of her head. The connection was instant but that is not to say it was for the best, Derek could be a catalyst that she hadn’t accounted for in more way than one!

Derek is just the sort of guy that Melissa really should give a wide berth but after all they are both carrying enough baggage to sink them both but could they help each other in the long run?

The story was strong, it was engaging and the characters were ones that you could not take your eyes of for one second. But as much as they were strong, the events that surrounded them were not what they appeared and you will have bitten your fingernails to the quick by the time you flip over the last page.

Book Two- One to Protect, this was all Derek for me, he had some tough choices to make in order to keep those he cared for safe but he was resolute in his decisions. Melissa’s past refuses to just lay down and go away but the prospect of losing her really brings Derek’s fortitude to the fore, he has his own demons but can he face them?

This was a more intense read for me and took me on a ride that was impossible to get off. This author certainly knows how to put her characters through the mill!

Book Three – One to Save, Derek and Melissa’s relationship is hanging by a thread, due mainly to the events of the second book, the two of them seem to find it difficult to communicate and Derek has a desire to protect that is all encompassing, Melissa doesn’t want to be his problem, the one that he has to look after, she wants him to trust her enough treat her as his equal. After all his problems are hers too and vice versa.

When it comes to a conclusion, this is has it all and I have to say that I think that the author pitched it to absolute perfection

A super collection that is written beautifully, with a story that is engaging and characters that have a presence that needs to be experienced.

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