Fashion Jungle

by Kathy Ireland and Rachel Van Dyken

An interesting collaboration that once I got started, I didn’t really want to put down, it was intriguing. The fact that the story was influenced by true events made for a very interesting dynamic, especially as I found myself trying to pick out just what could be fact and what may or may not have been embellishment.
The story is based on 4 friends, all finding their way through the jungle that is the world of high fashion. Their paths were far from easy or straight forward, old beyond their years, they were fully immersed in a world that had a reputation for being completely ruthless and in many respects, it was that aspect that I found most fascinating.
I thought the story had a lot going on, it was not only frenetic at times, it was also full to the brim with not only characters but complications.
There were more than enough twists and turns, peppered throughout the story that at times I wondered why?
In some of the situations I thought it was easy to identify the reasoning and reckoning behind what was going on and on more than one occasion I found myself glossing over a few pages, which I have to say was a tad disappointing.
Brittany, Zoe, and Everlee are all dealing with the death of their friend Danica, coming to terms with the fact that their friend took her own life is not sitting well with them but despite all of their own issues, it was easy to see that everything was not what it appeared to be.
 I think if I had to sum this up I would have to say that it was Ok, I think I might have gotten more from the story if it had been split up if the women each had their opportunity to show me a bit more of who they really were.


Topic: Fashion Jungle by Kathy Ireland and Rachel Van Dyken

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