Sunset Rivalry by Shannyn Leah

Book two in the Caliendo Resort series and it is every bit as entertaining as the first, this is a family that have been existing under the thumb of  a father that can only be described as a despot for want of a better word, never mind the fact that he was a devious swine, he was a cruel heartless excuse for both a husband and a father and yet his family are more than he ever was, they have a kindness and compassion that I think only stems from the painful experiences that they went through as they grew.

There are a number of mysteries scattered through the book that I hoped would find their resolution before I reached the last page, least of all the whole situation with Quinn and the Files.

Anya has been in the wind of a while but when she sneaks back in, in the dead of night the last thing or person she could have ever wanted to meet was Quinn, the man that her heart wants but who doesn’t want her in return.

They are both searching for the files that will hopefully bring some sense of normality to their respective families again, to put an end to almost incessant dark cloud that hangs over them all, Robert’s spectre not yet having lifted from their lives completely. So can they join forces to find the files and then walk away, unscathed? Or is that a fool’s errand?

Well what do you think????

Quinn is far from an easy guy to get on with or so it would seem, because to be honest for all his cocky arrogant charm, he was a sexy a**ed SOB, I think I might have been able to stomach the attitude! And for what it is worth Anya was no slouch when it came to dishing out the sass, but could this battling duo stick to their agenda or were their hearts in charge and they were they merely along for the ride? This was their chance to find out one way or another.

The whole story is cleverly antagonistic, there is just the right amount of innuendo and attitude that it was difficult to find a spot to put it down for a slurp of tea (I was considering something stronger at some points)

This is a story of family, of doing what it takes to make it through together and of loyalty, first and foremost. The author leaves little behind in her own personal pursuit of perfection, she has presented a book that covers every conceivable base and does it perfectly. I would like to say this is a romantic mystery but I think I would be doing it a huge disservice, this is so much more than just that, it is the who genre almost wrapped up in one very tidy package.

Topic: Sunset Rivalry by Shannyn Leah

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